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Decentralized Global Data Network

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TNS Global Decentralized Network

Our services span across our global decentralized network.

     Active Nodes            In Process Nodes            Planned Nodes

     Active Nodes            In Process Nodes            Planned Nodes

     Active Nodes            In Process Nodes            Planned Nodes

Our fully decentralized data network is developed specifically to address the current needs of the blockchain community.

Enterprise Cloud Platform

Deploy your blockchain service infrastructure on our fully redundant, high performance cloud platform and benefit from its high reliability, security and enterprise feature set.

High Performance

We select only the most advanced server grade components for our server products. Blazing fast NVME is available for data storage.

Fully Redundant

We operate one of the most advanced 100 Gbit networks in the world, complete with multiple redundancies and extensive DDoS protection.

Secure Infrastructure

All datacenters are Tier 4 certified and provide advanced fire and intrusion protection combined with enterprise networking hardware.

Instant Activation

Your ordered product will be automatically and instantly activated as long as you are using a verified PayPal account for your purchase.

Dedicated Support

Our dedicated in-house support team is available 24/7 to answer all technical difficulties you may encounter with any of our products.

Powerful Automation

Our simple and intuitive developer API allows you to manage and extend existing products, as well as submitting new orders without interaction.